Season 2: Episode Descriptions


Driven by powerful, real-life stories, Fatal Attraction weaves together intimate, first-person interviews,  exclusive interrogation footage and rare archival material. 

Along the way, it gives you  a glimpse into the dark heart of a dangerous romance.  Listen as the key players, family of the survivors and those that investigated the horrific crimes reveal the secrets to each sordid tale.  Fatal Attraction…because love doesn’t just hurt.  It can kill!

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Episode 201 –  Jerry Lee Logan
Title: “Ambushed By Love
Craig and Cynthia Anderson were madly in love, but it wasn’t long before their fairytale romance was put to the test.  When a man intrudes on the Anderson’s property, they gun him down and claim self-defense. However, when he survives the incident, investigators learn there may be more to this story than meets the eye.

Episode 202 – Winston George
Title: “The Devil Beside Me
Winston and Darlene George seemed to have the perfect marriage, but a tragic act of violence would rip them apart forever.  When investigators begin to search for answers, they discover a tangled web of sex, lies, and greed.

Episode 203 – Denita Smith
Title: "Collegiate Killing"
A bright future and a loving fiancée, grad student Denita Smith seemed to have it all…until she was found at the bottom of her stairs, a bullet hole in the back of her head. Who would want to kill Denita?

Episode 204 – Kristopher Miller
Title: “The Sinner and the Saint
Kristopher Miller and Kim Griffin had just begun their steamy new romance when a tragic crime would stop it dead in its tracks.  Investigators initially expect the crime to be linked to gang violence, which is prevalent in the area. However, after digging deeper they discover a chilling tale of jealousy and vengeance.

Episode 205 – Ahkenya Johnson
Title: “Murder in Niagara
On the surface, Robert and Ahkenya Johnson had a picture perfect marriage. But according to friends and family, Robert’s behavior had become increasingly erratic.  When the mother of two is found by her husband was he the last person to see her alive? He’s got an alibi, but will it convince authorities and Ahkenya’s family?

Episode 206 – Tamika Huston
Title: “Tragic Rebound
Tamika Huston had big dreams of becoming a singer and a promising future ahead of her, but when she inexplicably goes missing, friends and family worry they’ll never get to see her reach her full potential. The search for answers will lead law enforcement down a slew of different paths—will they ever be able to track down this beautiful young songstress?

Episode 207 – Brian Hughes
Title: “Hell Hath No Fury
Brian and Elicia Hughes seemed to have a picture perfect marriage; high school sweethearts with two daughters and a nice home in an affluent neighborhood. But when a 911 call leads to a disturbing crime, their perfect life turns up to be not so perfect.  

Episode 208 - Arletha Hopkins 
Title: "Sins & Secrets" 

Pastor Anthony Hopkins and his wife, Arletha, were living their dreams with their seven beautiful children. Years later, someone comes forward with a shocking revelation that will prove there was more to Arletha’s death than anyone could ever imagine.  

Episode 209 - Antwan Wolford
Title:   "Budding Bloodsheed"

Tiffany and Antwan fell head over heels in love for each other, but once Tiffany had Antwan’s child, she found starting a family in high school was far from easy. And when an argument between the two lovers leaves Antwan dead, everyone’s wondering what could push this girl to kill her first love.

Episode 210 – Tawanna Barnes
Title: Raging Revenge

Tawanna Barnes-Copeland seemed to have it all – three beautiful daughters and a budding romance. Until one fateful day when her daughter came home to find the unthinkable. The investigation would leave detectives wondering – was Tawanna the victim of a deadly robbery? Or was there someone out there who wanted her dead?  

Episode 211 – Serika Holness
Title: Horror on the Highway
The story of Ryan and Serika Holness begins in Jamaica, but ends tragically in a Maryland field.  Ryan's reports of a carjacker sends police on a manhunt but when detectives add up the evidence, they start to believe the killer may be closer than they think.

Episode 212 – Michael Brooks
Title: If I Can’t Have You
When dashing young Michael Brooks falls for a sexy older woman named Dorothy Washington, their desire for each other can’t be contained.  But when Michael is brutally gunned down inside Dorothy’s apartment, their steamy romance would be forever put on hold. As law enforcement attempt to piece together what happened, they uncover a twisted tale of lies, jealousy, and violence. 

Episode 213 – Wayne Irby
Title: Fallen Hero

When Officer Wayne Irby stops by Denise Miller’s home on a courtesy call, she falls hard for the man in uniform.   But when both Wayne and Denise turn up missing, his fellow officers find out just how mad love can be!

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