Terrance Williams Case Theories

Terrance Williams

Media mogul Tyler Perry, and activist Rev. Al Sharpton get involved in the mysterious dissappearance of 27 year old Terrance Willliams who was last seen near a cemetery in Naples, Florida in the custody of a Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy.  An investigation discovers that Terrance is not the first young man to dissappear under eerily identical circumstances.  

Name:        Terrance Williams
Age:          27 (At Time of Disappearance)
Brief:         Terrance Deon Williams, a 27 year old father of four living and working in Naples, Florida, disappeared after attending a party.  With little information on his whereabouts a family friend discovers that Terrance’s car was towed by police. Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy Corporal Steven Calkins reports finding a stranded white cadillac next to a cemetery but makes no mention of  it’s driver Terrance Williams.  It’s only after cemetary workers report witnessing the deputy putting a young black man into a squad car, does the officers’ memory, and the possible fate of Terrance begin to come into focus. 

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