Diva Cast Blog - Episode 6: Diva Throw Down


“These Women Need to Learn How to RESOLVE!”

Episode #6: Diva Throw Down 
Guest Blogger:  Phillip Bryant 

Phillip Bryant shares his R&B Divas: LA experience in his very own blog!  As Diva Lil’ Mo’s husband and manager, he knows first-hand about all the drama we don’t get to see!  Find out how he met his diva wife and what he really thinks of all the drama!  

More Than a Manager
I just turned 29 in May but I’ve been in the music industry for 12 years.  I started out at 17, working with producers “Big Mike” (married to Coco from SWV) and Nate Clemons who are brothers. I started off in vocal production and did that for years until their company dissolved and now I’m freelancing.   I’m currently working with BET’s Sunday Best winner Crystal Aikin and my own solo projects. Lil’ Mo and I stay BUSY!


How I Met MY DIVA Lil’ Mo 
She STALKED me! LOL!!!!!  But for real, we actually met through a guy I had just started working with who was also working with Lil’ Mo.  I didn’t know who she was because at that time I was really concentrating on gospel and not listening to R&B or secular music.  Lil’ Mo was acting SHADY and was REAL DISTANT.  LOL!!!! She goes in the booth and KILLS her song we are working on together.  After that, she left and went into the booth right next to mine to finish working on her album. She had an attitude because they hadn’t mixed her album right.  She was fussing with them and singing gospel with me. LOL!  She ended up chillin’ at the studio from about 2 PM to 11 PM.  We ordered food, we sang, laughed, joked and was just hanging out.  We didn’t even exchange information!!!!!!  2 weeks later I finished mixing the song we worked on together and she started texting me.  Back then, I wasn’t into texting so I was like whatever!!!!  She finally called me to see if I received her texts and I was like OMG when I saw all the text messages I hadn’t answered and started calling her the STALKER.  She asked me to work with her on some songs and she started following me around and everything else is HISTORY!!!!!


My Wife, The TAT-A-HOLIC
If Lil’ Mo could have a FULL-TIME tattoo artist on staff SHE WOULD!  That woman is a TAT-A-HOLIC!!!!  She has ONE side she calls her “Lil’ Mo side” that she dedicates to tats and the other side she refers to as her “Cynthia” or  her “church side!” 

When I first met her, I had NO tattoos but that quickly changed when I saw how passionate she was about it. Tats are how Lil’ Mo equalizes pain but it’s more than that.  It’s also how she pays homage to what is important to her.  We have tats alike (all of our kids names including her two daughters to her first husband, my daughter from a previous relationship and our parents’ names) but we also have different ones.   Your artwork tells your story and our stories’ aren’t the same outside of our children and family.

On this episode, you see me going to the tattoo shop with Lil’ Mo so she can get our son’s name and THAT’S REAL!!!!  Since we met, I have been going with her to get her tats.  I go with her to give her STRENGTH and manage her choices! LOL!!!!   There are times when she is mad and she wants to get a big-old something and I’m like NOPE! You NOT getting that!  I’m the whistleblower!!!!  

My first tat was HER name and we weren’t even married yet but I knew she was the one. I told her DON’T get my name since she had to go thru the ordeal of covering up her first husband’s name.  It’s a very hard and painful process!!!   It took her awhile but she did it!  That girl LOVES tats!  Wait!  She is asking me to go the tat place right NOW.  R U SERIOUS!!!!  I TOLD YA’LL!!!!!!!

Phillip on the BIG MOVE
During our tattoo visit you see Lil’ Mo PRESSING me about moving out to LA.  To keep it real, the verdict is still out on that one.  When we came out here to do the show, our goal was to give LA three to six months, more like six months to really get into something.  We could comfortably afford to do six months so we agreed on that!!!!!  My mindset is that you move to LA to WORK not to chill with your LA friends!!!! LOL!!!!  It’s easy to get caught up in a NEW PLACE ; there’s new energy and everyone is so nice.  But I’m making sure SOMEONE is focused on reality and the big picture.  All of our family is on the east coast and they help us out tremendously with the kids.  Uprooting everybody is my apprehension.  We still haven’t made the decision yet?!!!


Phillip on the BIG BLOW OUT
Lil’ Mo and Dawn…Ya’ll saw it!!!!!!  All I can really add is Lil’ Mo should have mentioned how Dawn inconvenienced her but when words are flying sometimes you forget to say things!   I missed a flight working with Dawn (on music) which had me and my kids in the airport for 12 hours!!!!  Also, I think Dawn should have spoken for herself only and not mention Kelly.  I didn’t like that but it’s cool.  

Phillip on Diva Drama & Reality TV
I’m from the country and we don’t play these types of games.   These women need to learn how to RESOLVE!!!! Some of these women’s careers are in the place they are in because they don’t understand RESOLUTION.  We can resolve and still not be cool but I’m going to resolve and not avoid.   I don’t get in my girl’s business. She’s a grown woman and I’m a grown man but being there during filming, I can honestly say that what you SEE on reality TV is really how a person acts.  Nobody can make you act like that. Lil’ Mo is a jokester all day every day and that’s pretty much what you see!  


Die Hard Fans Taking Sides on Diva Drama
What makes you a die-hard fan is loving that artist through their music because music is always  the truth.  People marching into a dag-on war on social media over the Divas and I don’t know what they are fighting.  I’m no blind soldier!!!  I understand that what you see is a mere window of a person’s life but people’s reactions can’t be faked!  I don’t like how the fans are marching so-to-speak.  People are going off on twitter and it’s NOT that serious!

TELL US:  Sound off About the Latest Episode!  Should Phillip & Lil’ Mo Make the BIG move to LA?  

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