• Elevate: Guide to Higher Learning

    Famous Quotes

    These quotes on success and learning by prominent African Americans are sure to inspire you to aim high in your educational career.

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    College Guide -- See the opportunities as an US Air Force Officer

    Take your education to the next level and use our guide to find the college that will get you from here to there.

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    College Guide - Experience in the US Air Force

    Officers talk about their experience as members of the U.S. Air Force.

  • Colleges

    State Schools

    State schools are publicly-funded colleges universities offering undergraduate and graduate degrees and big campus atmosphere.

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    Private Schools

    These colleges and universities are independent institutions that are privately funded. Could one of them be the right school for you?

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    Liberal Arts Schools

    Liberal arts colleges are often smaller schools offering a curriculum that allows students to explore various fields of study.

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    Ivy League Schools

    Ivy league schools are among the oldest and most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. Find out what they have to offer.

  • Colleges

    Faith-Based Schools

    A strong spiritual foundation is a part of the academic curriculum at these schools.

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    Community Colleges

    At a two-year college, students can earn associates degrees and certificates that can lead them directly to their career of choice or to a four-year college or university.

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    Career Colleges & Vocational Schools

    Get training for the skills you need to directly enter the workforce at these career colleges and technical schools.