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    Five Other (Fake) TV One Shows

    Is TV One really doing a Katt Williams show? The real question is what OTHER shows are we working on? You won't (and shouldn't) believe your eyes.

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    'The Pit' Will Never Be the Same in Honor of Lou Myers

    Affectionately known to many as Mr. Gaines, owner of the fictional social spot for hearty food and latest college gossip, "The Pit," Lou Myers passed February 20 after a heart-related emergency the day before.

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    Pop Culture

    If it’s trending on your timeline or making headlines, we’re talking about it. We're covering the hottest events and people in the entertainment industry.

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    1iCON: Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura, Star Trek

    While Nichols is often credited as the first African-American actress to play a non-traditional Mammy role in a successful American TV series, the network was still jittery about having a strong black queen front and center.

  • Music

    TV One Moment: Lauryn Hill's Grammy Night

    She gained a clan of unconditional fans 13 years ago, for some even before, on February 24, 1999, L. Boogie took over the Grammy Awards. This fearless woman struggled to hold her gramophones and composure at the same time.

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    Remembering the Lead Singer of The Spinners

    Bobbie who struggled with the flu and pneumonia, passed last night in Orlando. Reports state he was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2012.

  • 20 Year Anniversary

    Top Martin Mentions in Rap Lyrics (INFOGRAPHIC)

    In collaboration with, the internet's premier Hip-Hop lyrics website, we give you the top Martin references of Hip-Hop. Celebrate 20-years of "Martin" all September long (See the Martin cast in HBCU gear).